mid-week, mid-day snacking on the farm

Fresh Fudge from Grandma Phoebe's kitchen anyone?

Yesterday we went to look at a new house the came on the market.  Because, well, that's just what we do.  One part work, one part fun.  We're kind of twisted like that.

This house was super cute, like straight of the pages of Country Living cute, super affordable, but super small.  Unless you are moving out of NYC ...in that case I have a huge great house for you!  ;)


Come on in ya'll!  

Why yes, that is some glorious fall foliage ...a white picket fence ...and a hammock.  What does the property back up to you ask?  

Oh, we'll get there next!  


Welcome to your neighbor's ...house?

This is Jone's Farm in Cornwall, New York.  

This farm is pretty much perfection.  They have everything.  Literally everything.  Apple cider donuts, Melissa & Doug toys(our favorite), gorgeous floppy felt hats(which I'm still kicking myself for not buying)  ....and blue footed chickens that you can witness Kennedy chasing below.

I appreciate this kid's love of dips.


They have local port wine cheese.  Need I say more?

Our princess, double fisting apple cider.  


My fedorable husband and sweet baby girl, who is right now waking up from a nap.  Until next time interwebs!